Service Chore Coat


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New York, N.Y.


Fabric: 9oz. herringbone cotton twill made on a shuttle loom & washed down for a soft hand and vintage look, imported from Japan.
Buttons: US Army 13 star tack buttons in a black copper.
Thread: Tex 60 in navy.
Label: Produced on 1950's needle loom.


Inspired by the USMC N-3 Utility Fatigue coats, our Knickerbocker Service Chore Coat is a Knickerbocker classic. For authenticity sake we hit up our friends in Japan for yardage on their shuttle loomed, sulfur dyed, herringbone cotton twill. A twill almost identical in comparison to that of the French & USMC coats. For the buttons we brought in the iconic laurel wreath, single star, tack buttons, which were prominently used throughout USMC wear as a symbol of good luck. 


  • Construction is a double needle felled chain-stitched seam.
  • Pockets are your classic trio patch pocket combo with the left chest featuring a pen pocket stitch and bartack reinforcement at corners.
  • Collar is a notch collar.
  • Tailored work fit.
  • Pre-shrunk.
  • Wash on cold and dry on low.







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