Envelope Pouch


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New York, N.Y.


Leather: 3-4 oz. suede.
Snaps: Knickerbocker branded brass snaps.
Thread: Tex 70 nylon in rust.
Label: Produced on 1950's needle loom.


In producing our suede edition of our Souvenir Mail bag, Kyle of D'Emploi, took to some scraps and produced one of these pouches. In working with skins of leather your often left with scraps too small for anything substantial in size. Thanks to curiosity, we've been able to turn these scraps into some more pouches for storing our hard drives, notebooks, pens or whatever else. 


  • Construction features a pressed open and topstitched seam.
  • Envelope measures 6 1/2" x 5 1/2".
  • Spot clean only.