"At a factory, on the border of Queens and Brooklyn there are dozens of younger men and women, of all colors and creeds, working away at sewing machines, hunched over design tables, surrounded by yards and yards of various fabric. Blue, blue, so much blue, it would make a denim junkie overdose! The spools of wool, the various cottons, the boxes of buttons, you put this all together and it adds up to a lifestyle. 

A pair of chinos and a white tee, with a skateboard on a sunny day; a chore coat and a flannel, a shovel and a snow pile; a singer on stage in a sack suit or an office worker in pleated pants and collared shirt - Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. gets that every day is filled with the many moments that breathe life into the expression of who you are. Your body and the clothes you wear are an art form. Why not learn about them, evolve, and express them? Why not champion those who make products ethically?

Working with Knickerbocker Mfg. Co., for me, is about the pursuit of original artistic expression and promoting high quality clothing, while simultaneously protesting the enticing comforts of sameness, which work to water down our life. Make it strong, make it loud, and make it last."

- Pokey LaFarge

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With The Cutting Room we do our best to produce additional retail inventory for anyone who missed out on the pre-sale. If in stock these goods are ready to ship your way immediately. Though there is no longer the discounted pre-sale pricepoint you still have the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly pricing option in three, six or twelve month payments.