In 1960, ninety five percent of clothing sold in America was American Made.
Today, that number is less than five percent.

Let’s change that.


Our supply chain started with Knickerbocker’s factory and has since grown beyond these walls.

Our actions are about more than supporting our economy. This is about supporting a movement towards ethical supply chain solutions around the world. It’s about asking questions, challenging ourselves and our community. If you look at a price tag and think, “that’s crazy, how could a price be so low?” Well, then chances are you are probably right.


When we started Knickerbocker the goal was to provide people a manufacturing solution. We specialized in low quantity production to bring their creations to life. People called us crazy for entering the manufacturing world. But we’re here now, alive & kicking, thanks to you.

With your help, our goal has since evolved. We aim to grow with our community and beyond; taking our product straight to you. Together, we will continue to create. You keep pushing us and we’ll keep pushing you.


At Knickerbocker, we believe in transparency and sustainability. We have been sourcing raw materials & machinery for years, going direct to the source to bring you the best & at the best of prices. With that in mind we ask you to purchase with a purpose.

With every product we provide you a breakdown of raw materials and their origin. This way, you know what we’re working with and what you’re working with. Honesty is the root of all solutions."

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