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The Christmas Truce of 1914





Truce-4During wartime, it can often be difficult to empathize with an enemy yet the reason that man across from you and not next to you could simply be due to the place he was born.

 In December of 1914, global tensions were flying high and “The Great War” was just six months old. French, German and British troops dug in on opposing sides of battlefields along the Western Front.  With Christmas just days away, soldiers began longing more than ever for loved ones and began thinking about Christmas traditions from years’ past.

 As the desire to honor Christmas began spreading around the camps, men began crossing trenches and exchanging seasonal greetings with the opposing armies.  These ceasefire’s spread across armies and the simple exchange of greetings and food evolved into prisoner swaps, carol-singing and even friendly games of soccer.

 Some areas of the Western Front, though not as welcoming as the aforementioned, reported breaks from battle, Christmas carols and even shouts of Merry Christmas across battlefields on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, as Christmas ended, so did the cease fire. Even during wartime its astounding how powerful Christmas can be.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from everyone here at Knickerbocker MFG.


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