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The ID Bracelet


Close Up ID Bracelet
James Dean Bracelet
Paul Newman ID Bracelet
Michael Corleone ID Bracelet

Silver chained bracelets with bent metal bands have played a significant role in men’s style over the past 75 years. Known as identification bracelets these bracelets were initially issued in WWII as part of the serviceman’s uniform.

Most times the bracelets were engraved with important information regarding the soldier including name, rank and serial number. After the conclusion of the war, men continued to wear their ID bracelets as jewelry to symbolize their participation in the way or to commemorate friends lost. 

Around the time of the Vietnam War, similar bracelets were worn by civilians in memoriam of soldiers taken as prisoners or missing in action. If a soldier was found or returned home, it was sent to him. If it was discovered that the soldier had died the bracelet was mailed to his family.

Today, identification bracelets continue to be worn. Often times the bracelet signifies a life threatening medical condition and has important information engraved on it detailing what to do in case of an emergency. Yet, antique military ID bracelets are still worn today as simple jewelry for men or to commemorate a friend or family war veteran.

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