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How to Wax Your Own Canvas


How to wax canvasWaxed Canvas Close UpMassage Wax into Chore CoatPointer Waxed Chore CoatThough waxed canvas has always been a viable fabric for menswear, in recent years the trend of waxed canvas has seemed to have grown significantly. Everywhere you look, waxed rucksacks, jackets, pants and even hats are for sale.

Besides the aesthetic, waxed canvas can help insulate and resist the elements specifically rain or snow. Due to its practicality and popularity, waxed canvas can run significantly higher than standard canvas goods.

Thankfully brands like Otter Wax and Barbour make their own in-house wax that anyone can use to wax their own products. Below we have laid out all of the steps you need in order to give your jacket or bag that added feature.

1. Because the wax will work as an added layer to the fabric, it is important to make sure the product you are using is as clean as possible. If not, that dirt and/or stain will be embedded underneath the wax. In addition, use a lint roller to clear the product from any unwanted lint.

2. Using a blow dryer, heat up the product you are going to wax. In doing so, this will help spread the wax much smoother.

3. Apply the wax. Depending on which company you choose to purchase your wax from, most times it comes in bar form and can be applied to your fabric as simply as rubbing it over the entire piece. Try your best to apply evenly and use the corners of the bar to get those hard to reach areas including around collars and cuffs.

4. After the wax is applied, use your fingers to begin working the wax into the material. Smooth out any clumps of wax and be sure that you covered as much of the material as possible.

5. Once you are happy with the amount of wax, use a blow dryer and to reheat the canvas. The wax will begin to melt at which time, begin rubbing the wax into the canvas even further.

6. Finally, after you are comfortable with the distributed wax, hang your piece up to dry for 24-48 hours.

Obviously, attempting to add wax to a favorite can be scary therefore we recommend practicing on a spare piece of canvas or even an older piece clothing.

Waxing canvas is a rather easy thing to do and given the benefits it can add to your goods we recommend trying it on a piece of clothing or two. Not to mention, your clothing will take on a new weathered look that will up your “bad assery” cred to the next level.


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